BUY a Singing Bowl!

Have you ever wanted to have your own singing bowl? Now you can!

I’m selling both crystal and brass singing bowls!

The bowls come in various sizes and are each tuned to a musical note (Chakra tuned). Let me help you find the right one for you, at a substantial discount…Bowl variety

Coming soon: An instructional video on how to play the bowls!

Click each link below to see price lists, 35% BELOW retail!
**Please note, all Crystal Bowls here are made in the USA, and of higher quality than some less expensive ones you may find online**

Click on each link to see desired price list:

(If you prefer, ALL Price lists can be found here, in one document: 2017 Singing Bowl Pricing)

 Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls: 2017 Frosted Crystal Bowl Pricing

Chakra-Tuned-Quartz-Crystal-Singing 7 Bowl set

frosted color bowls

Clear Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls: 2017 Clear Crystal Bowl Pricing3 clear bowls

colored clear bowls

Metal (Brass) Singing Bowls: 2017 Brass Singing Bowl Pricing

engraved brass bowl

golden brass bowl

Practitioner (have Handle) Crystal Singing Bowls: 2017 Practitioner Crystal Bowl Pricinghandle Bowls

Chakra Sets! 2017 Chakra Sets Crystal Bowl Pricing

frosted color bowls

Chakra-Tuned-Quartz-Crystal-Singing 7 Bowl set

handle Bowls

Crystal Pyramids for Sound Healing: 2017 Crystal Pyramid Pricing

3 pyramids


Padded carrying cases to protect your Crystal Bowls: 2017 Crystal Bowl CASES Pricing

BowlCasesSmBasket case


(If you prefer, ALL Price lists can be found here, in one document: 2017 Singing Bowl Pricing)

How to order: 2017 Crystal Bowl Order Form

Just reach out to Barbara Cole if you have any questions, so she can find the perfect bowl for you!
561-523-8395 (Cell/Text)

Mailing address:

Barbara Cole/Project Inner Peace
1914 Skillman St #110-128
Dallas, TX 75206

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