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Why GONG meditation?
This is an EASY meditation appropriate for any age or experience level. The gong helps people to achieve a deeper state of meditation than one is normally able to experience using other methods! Perfect for those new to meditation!

The gong is an ancient instrument and its healing vibrations have been used around the world. Listeners can benefit in numerous ways, including stilling the mind and strengthening the nervous system to effectively deal with daily, stressful challenges.

No prior experience, effort or practice is required to participate, everyone welcome! The gong does not conflict with any religious beliefs, it simply quiets the mind. Simply relax comfortably and breathe deeply for a healing sound experience of the gong. Kids welcome too!

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Chairs are available at most events, or bring your yoga mat or blanket. Most people prefer to lay on a yoga mat for a gong meditation, so bring anything you like to help make yourself comfortable (blankets, pillows, etc.) when on the floor!

It is also a good idea to have a bottle of water (with a lid)!


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Gong Training Level 1

Learn to play the Gong!
~ in Honolulu, HI (Oahu)

1 Day Format: 9am to 6pm
2 Day Format: Four and a half (4.5) hours each day

Contact Barbara Cole to RSVP: 561-523-8395)

Join us for our “Introduction to Gong” class, specially designed for people who are interested in learning more about the gong, and how to play it! Classes are held with a minimum of 2 students, and class sizes are kept small as to maximize practice time and individual attention!

We will touch on some of the history of the gong, the do’s and don’ts, some specific techniques, the various types of gongs and mallets, and allow plenty of time to practice!  This will be a fun and intimate class, and the gongs will be provided for you! The cost of the class is $125, and easy payment plans are available.

Students will learn how to tune in vibrationally to the Gong.
Learn of the Gong’s history and manufacturing.
Learn and practice strokes for healing.
Identify types of Gongs, Mallets, Stands, and Carriers.
Find where to purchase Gongs.
Provide multiple resources for further education and training.

Play, practice, and play some more.
Bring a sack lunch, play and ask questions.
$125 per person, all equipment provided!

For more info, or to sign up, visit:


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Reiki Level 1 Training

~ in Honolulu, HI (Oahu)
9am to 5pm ~ Classes held on Request!

Reiki is one of the Eastern healing modalities used for relaxation, stress-relief, and to stimulate your body’s ability to heal itself.  In the Reiki One class we cover the history & the uses of Reiki.  You receive the level one attunements, connecting you to the Lineage & the Reiki energy flow. We spend lots of time practicing giving and receiving Reiki, as you prepare to embody this beautiful gift of healing!  Class sizes are kept small as to maximize practice time and individual attention!  The cost of the class is $125, and easy payment plans are available.

For more information on Reiki, please visit:

Contact Barbara Cole to RSVP: 561-523-8395


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Gong in the Park!

Join us monthly for this special outdoor event! Enjoy combining nature with the music of multiple gong masters playing several gongs…

Bring a chair or blanket or yoga mat and sit/lay in the grass as the sound of the Gongs promote healing at a cellular level!

Relax and release anything that has been holding you back during this unique and easy form of meditation!  If you have ever had trouble quieting the “Monkey Mind” while trying to meditate, you will love this experience.

Please RSVP to:
Or for more information, call or text Barbara at 561-523-8395. You can also watch for updates on & just click on “Events”!

Location: TBD
Next date TBD

Suggested donation of $10 to $20; no one is ever turned away due to inability to pay.

Money Back Guarantee ~ Love it, or its FREE!!

This is a kid-friendly event!  Kids are welcome to attend, and will receive a mini-lesson on the gong!  Kids LOVE the Gong!


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