MONEY BACK Guarantee!!!

Money Back Guarantee: LOVE the Gong event, or its free!

I have created a new policy for those who have yet to brave one of our Gong meditation events…a money back guarantee! If you attend your first gong meditation event and you do not enjoy it, I will refund your admission cost on the spot!  This encourages new people to attend events with absolutely no risk!



So many of you have friends you would like to bring, and I understand that until one experiences the Gong, it is hard to know what to expect!  My money back guarantee takes the risk out attending for the first time, so bring those skeptical friends! The response to the gongs is consistently positive, so I am confident about offering this new policy.



Join us at one of our unique gong sound-healing events.  The gong stimulates all of the senses, as well as the creative centers in the brain.  It brings many benefits and allows for physical and emotional release and healing. Relax and release anything that has been holding you back during this unique and easy form of meditation!


Call or text Barbara at 561-523-8395 with questions!  You can also email to RSVP.

Watch for updates on & just click on “Events”!

I look forward to seeing you again soon!

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