Meditation CDs for sale!

Now available!!!!

Three meditation CD’s for you to take home to continue your personal practice.

I am offering FREE Shipping for all orders of 3 or more CDs, *sent to one US address!  Let me pay the shipping (anywhere in the US) and I will send the CDs to you, or to someone as a gift!

Each of my three CDs have been professionally produced and include multiple gongs!  The price of one CD is $21 ($18 +$3 shipping), two CDs is $33 ($15 each +$3 shipping), and three or more CDs are just $15 each, no shipping fee!

Choose any combination of my three CDs in your order; just read the descriptions of each (below) to select the right ones for you!


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**If you don’t use PayPal, you can call me with your credit card information, or you can mail a check (payable to Project Inner Peace) to:

Project Inner Peace
4348 Waialae Ave #849
Honolulu, HI 96816

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Self-Healing Visualization CD

“Self-Healing Visualization” CD (aka SHV)

Includes 5 tracks:

  • Introduction
  • Golden Light Explanation
  • Golden Light Visualization
  • Self-Healing Explanation
  • Self-Healing Visualization

These guided visualizations are perfect for anyone wishing to feel more grounded, centered, or peaceful.  The self-healing aspects help you to heal physical, emotional and mental disturbances, by activating your own innate abilities.  The gong is played in the background to help take you deeper into the process, as it helps to QUIET the “monkey mind”! I have personally rid myself of physical pain using this meditation!


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Pure Gong CD

“Pure Gong” CD (aka PG)

Includes 3 tracks:

  • Introduction
  • Explanation of Gong
  • 33 minute Gong Meditation

This is a recording of a live gong meditation event held on July 29th, 2012! Experience 8 beautiful gongs played by 4 Gong Masters for 33 minutes, to help transport you to a place of peace, relaxation, and healing.

Feel the vibrations of the gongs wash through your body on a cellular level to help you release old patterns, fears, and blockages.

Infinite Wavelengths, Pictured above from left to right:
Rajpal Kaur, Rev. Chris “Guru Karam” Gallagher,
Barbara “Devjan Kaur” Cole, & Lynnora Gilbert.


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“Mystical Gong Meditations” CD (aka MGM)


Includes 4 tracks:

  • Empowerment
  • Balance & Bliss
  • Universal Forgiveness
  • Surrender
As requested by many of you, this CD is ALL gong!  There are NO verbal tracks, and NO other instruments, so that it can be played on a continuous loop for meditation or while sleeping.  Join 6 gongs played by 3 Gong Masters on this celestial journey! Recorded and produced by The Gongsters of Love (Barbara Cole, John St. Claire, and Teri Wilder).




Order your CD’s now via credit card or Paypal, using the Paypal link at the top of the page!



Stay tuned for an update on release dates on future audio creations!

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