Here are a few testimonials from participants!

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From a non-believer to total relaxation and peace!
~Patrick O.


I’d not heard of or experienced Gong before meeting Barbara. I’ve fallen in love with the deep meditative relaxation, as well as Barbara’s understanding and clear guidance of this ancient practice. I’ve found it very healing on the emotional and physical levels.
~Judy N., Scottsdale, AZ


My experience with Barbara and her gongs has been incredible. I had never done much meditation successfully until I met Barbara.  The combination of gong and guidance was miraculous!
~Thanks forever, Rex


Centering, relaxing, calming were my first gifts from Barbara and the gong experience. Working with her and the gong helped move me rapidly forward and upward in my ever growing spiritual experience.


When I was given the opportunity to experience the Gong for the first time, I was thrilled and excited. This meditation technique allowed me to let go and relax very quickly. The sounds that Barbara creates with the Gong is fascinating and beautiful. My ability to focus and stay in a deeper meditation was amazing. Barbara Cole is a master!
~Julie G.


Recommendation letter from Drug/Alcohol Treatment Center in Phoenix, AZ


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